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July 25, 2014
Financial Times Letter to Editor Article on Financial Times website (Financial Times subscription required)Good or bad, dollar endures as reserve currencyFrom Mr Robert Kessler.Sir, I write in response to “Chinese moves trump Fed’s effect on US b... read more
July 8, 2014
Inversion not necessary for recession A repeated theme on financial-TV in recent weeks is that there cannot be a recession without a yield-curve inversion first because in each of the last 6 recessions stretching back 50+ years, short-term rates rose above long-term rates before the recession. This is a true statement, however; it is difficu... read more
July 1, 2014
Is this inflationary? Inflation is a hot topic once again, yet, we are seeing significant deflation in grains:  ... read more
June 20, 2014
Inflation lags economics by about 6 months Earlier in the week, we mentioned that inflation lags economics by about 6 months in this post.  Said without support at the time, we... read more
June 17, 2014
Quick Market Comment: The confluence of 3 mis-understood factors causes mis-placed rate rise alarm There is a strain of thinking in the last couple of days that the Fed needs to soon raise rates. See examples from ... read more