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May 11, 2017
Positive Seasonality Begins Mid-May is the beginning of a long-established positive seasonal period for Treasury yields.Long-term monthly DataUS Treasuries have a seasonal tendency all the way back to 1900 (117 years). On average, rates tend to rise through mid-May and fall for the rest of the year. Long-term monthly data of 10yr... read more
December 14, 2016
History Suggests Near-term Opportunity If you learned to play pool, you learned that the angle the ball hits the rail is the same angle it leaves the rail (the angle of incidence = the angle of refraction). Despite financial markets being about as far away from physics as you can get, there is a hint of this in in the Treasury market. W... read more
November 15, 2016
The secular trend in interest rates remains lower; the yield bottom is still ahead of us Donald Trump’s victory sparked a tremendous sell-off in the Treasury market from an expectation of fiscal stimulus, but more broadly, from an expectation that a unified-party government can enact business-friendly pol... read more
October 4, 2016
We've moved as of 10/01/2016 After about 10 years at our previous location, (1725 Blake Street, Suite 110) in the Tabor Center, we have moved to the Denver Boathouse in the Platte River district. Our new location is about one-half mile from our old location. Phone numbers and e-mail remains the same, our location is now:... read more
October 4, 2016
Watch Robert Kessler on WealthTrack An exclusive interview with a contrarian who has been correct on interest rates and the value of U.S. Treasury bonds for years, Kessler Investment Advisors’ Robert Kessler.
August 9, 2016
Forget the Fed’s 0.25%, short-term rates have risen by 1% for the real world The Fed has only raised rates once (+0.25%) in this so-called tightening cycle but the short-term rate where the rubber meets the road, Libor, has tightened by nearly 1% (1yr Libor), and it has risen more than 30 basis points in the l... read more